Third-Party Evaluator Reports

TAACCCT third-party evaluators are to produce interim and final evaluation reports. The interim report should summarize and update the evaluation design, present key findings from the implementation study, and provide early results from the outcomes and/or impact studies (if available). The final report should present findings from the overall evaluation, updating implementation findings from the interim report and providing final results from the outcomes and/or impact studies. The TAACCCT National Evaluation team worked with the U.S. Department of Labor to provide resources to help support the development of high-quality, informative evaluation reports, including:


TAACCCT Final Report Guidance (Round 4)

Recommended Format for the Final Report Executive Summary

Developing Your TAACCCT Final Evaluation Report (Round 3) – June 1, 2017


Examples from TAACCCT Evaluation Reports

Executive Summaries
The TAACCCT final evaluation reports highlighted here provide examples of executive summaries that are well-written and well-organized, and summarize the key findings to be accessible to many audiences. The executive summaries also follow the recommended executive summary format.


Implementation Study Findings
Implementation findings should describe what the TAACCCT project was designed to do, what was successfully implemented, and where there were challenges. These TAACCCT evaluation reports provide examples of well-crafted implementation findings.


Outcome/Impact Study Findings
Outcomes and impact findings should present estimates of the outcomes and impacts of the TAACCCT project on participants’ educational attainment and employment in a way that is accessible to multiple audiences, and provide explanations of the findings based on evidence from the implementation analysis. These TAACCCT evaluation reports provide examples of an informative and accessible presentation and analysis of both outcome and impact findings.

Title Author/Institute
Outcomes of Competency-Based Education in Community Colleges: Summative Findings from the Evaluation of a TAACCCT Grant (Sinclair Community College) Ann Person, Jaime Thomas, Julie Bruch, Alexander Johann, and Nikhail Maestas (MPR)
Making the Future: The Wisconsin Strategy (Northeast Wisconsin Technical College Final Evaluation Report) Derek Price, Wendy Sedlak, Brandon Roberts, and Leah Childress (DVP-PRAXIS LTD, Equal Measure, and Brandon Roberts + Associates)
The Transformation of Colorado’s Developmental Education Program (Community College of Denver) Khudodod Khudododov, Heather McKay, Suzanne Michael (Rutgers Education and Employment Research Center)
Retraining the Gulf Coast through Information Technology Pathways Final Implementation Evaluation Report (Bossier Parish Community College) WSI at the Aspen Institute


Tables in evaluation reports often need to provide information and results that support findings from the evaluation. Titles and row and column headings should be short and clear and footnotes should provide more detailed explanation of the data and analysis. The tables highlighted here offer a variety of examples of tables from TAACCCT evaluation reports that present data in a useful way.