Findings from the National Evaluation

Findings from the national evaluation of the TAACCCT grant program, shared through briefs, reports, and presentations, are designed to contribute to and build upon a growing body of research on community college approaches to program capacity building. These products from the national evaluation shed light on the implementation of the grants and outcomes of TAACCCT participants, and synthesize the findings from third-party evaluations across all rounds of the grants. The following products from the national evaluation are currently available but continue to check back for new releases.


TAACCCT Goals, Design, and Evaluation (released March 29, 2017)

TAACCCT Grantee Characteristics (released March 29, 2017)

TAACCCT Approaches, Targeted Industries, and Partnerships (released March 29, 2017)

Early Results from the TAACCCT Grants (released March 29, 2017)